SYBLING is a dark folk duo consisting of sisters Alice Makwaia and Mariana Quinn-Makwaia. Both born and raised New Yorkers, they've been steeped in the eclectic NYC music scene for decades. Childhood found them experimenting with songs and harmonizing playfully. Today their voices blend effortlessly into one evocative wave of sweet and melancholy sound. Their debut EP will be released this November including their haunting single “The Grim.” Their EP has been featured in Vents Magazine and Sound Opinion’s “Buried Treasures.”

Alice Makwaia is a composer, pianist, guitarist and singer. She has studied at Oberlin Conservatory. She has written musical scores for theater (“The Snow Queen” by Downtown Art) and film (“Forrest Bathing” by Yaara Sumeruk).

Mariana is also the singer and band leader for Smoke and Sugar, a soul/funk band that have performed all over New York City and self-released their debut EP 'Mindings' last year. As a featured vocalist, Mari QM has collaborated with artists across multiple genres ranging from electronic to jazz and beyond. Her talents and top lines shine in any musical setting she's thrown into. One of these recent projects (Vibe Mosaic) won a spot on Portland-based record label Tender Loving Empire's annual Friends and Friends of Friends Compilation.